20 to 29 Years of Membership

CompanyJoin Year
Ace Electric, Inc. - Corporate Office1993
Aldridge-Jordan, Inc.1994
Ansley & Sutton Construction Co., Inc.1992
Aon Construction Services Group1998
Arete Construction Company1996
Atlas Piers of Atlanta, Inc.1997
Augusta Industrial Services, Inc.1993
Bax-Steel Buildings, Inc.2000
B. L. Bennett, Inc.1992
Bonitz of Georgia, Inc.1991
J. R. Bowman Construction Co., Inc.1992
Bug Busters, Inc.1999
Joe Burton Company1996
Lindavid, Inc. dba C & C Fence Company1996
Chambless Construction Specialties, Inc.1996
Collins and Arnold Construction Co., LLC1993
Conditioned Air Systems, Inc.2000
The Conlan Company1991
Contract Hardware, Inc.1996
Cork-Howard Construction Company1998
Engineered Restorations, Inc.1996
Enterprise Fleet Management1998
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Flint Equipment Company1998
Gunby Construction Co., Inc.1995
Harrison Contracting Company, Inc.1996
Hogan Construction Group, LLC2000
Bill Holden Construction, Inc.1994
Ivey Mechanical Company, LLC1995
Jones Construction Company1992
Jones Glass, Inc.1997
Jonquil Steel & Construction Company1997
Lentile Construction Company1992
Martin Mechanical Contractors, Inc.1994
Mayberry Electric, Inc.2000
McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc.1997
Meja Construction, Inc.1993
Metro Waterproofing, Inc.1999
MetroPower, Inc.1992
Mid-South Roof Systems, Inc.1999
Moisture Control, Inc.1994
National Building Contractors, Inc.1993
New South Construction Co., Inc.1995
Over & Under General Contractors, Inc.1992
C. C. Owen Tile Co., Inc.1998
CompanyJoin Year
Piedmont Construction Group, LLC1998
PointeNorth Insurance Group1993
Powell Drilling, Inc.1994
Precision Electrical Contractors, Inc.1993
Precision Stone Setting Company, Inc.1992
Project Builders, Inc.1997
Pyramid Masonry Contractors, Inc.1996
Rosing Painting & Wallcovering Contractors, Inc.1993
Seyfarth Shaw LLP1991
Site Engineering, Inc.1990
Smith Ironworks, Inc.2000
D. Lance Souther, Inc.1993
Specialty Finishes, Inc.1998
Tal-Kno Building Products, Inc.1996
Womack, Lewis & Smith, Inc.1993
Young Contracting/SE, Inc.1993
Zurich North America1994