AGC Georgia Leadership

AGC Georgia governance and oversight is provided by our elected members of our Board of Directors. This group includes four individuals serving as officers, who together with the staff chief executive officer comprise the Executive Committee. Each Board member serves in a volunteer capacity and has the fiduciary responsibility to ensure the proper strategic direction and financial stability of the association are in place. 

The president and vice president each serve one-year terms, and the individuals serving in the secretary and treasurer role hold their respective office for two consecutive years as they ascend to vice president and then president. Most board members are elected to three-year terms. Individuals serving as the chair and vice chair of AGC Georgia's Young Leadership Program Council hold seats with voting privileges on the Board of Directors for two years.

Officers and board members are elected for their geographic diversity from around the state. AGC Georgia’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors meet seven times a year. The primary focus of these meetings is for strategic purposes, problem solving, decision making and financial accountability.