Ways to Get More Involved

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Once you and your company decide to join and become a member in the AGC organization, there are numerous services, programs and opportunities for you to learn about, benefit from, and participate in. In addition to AGC Georgia's services are numerous other services, programs, conferences, and resources offered by AGC of America and available to member firms and their employees who comprise the 92 Chapter network across the U.S.  To learn more, visit www.agc.org.

It is not uncommon to find AGC Georgia’s most active members simultaneously use the site safety van, attend the Fall Leadership Conference and Annual Convention, enroll their brightest young professionals in the Chapter’s Young Leadership Program, save big dollars by using discounted vendor services, participate in the Retirement Savings program and Workers’ Comp program, use Safety Stand Downs to reinforce the importance of safe practices, showcase their company at the GC Marketplace, submit outstanding projects in the Build Georgia award competition, and find one or more national AGC programs to attend each year.

Chapter members will often choose to get involved by volunteering their time and expertise serving on one of our committees, task forces or Boards. These types of opportunities are available to members at both the state and national AGC level. In some instances, members volunteer to teach Chapter classes or play a major role in developing special programs.

While much of what AGC Georgia offers in the way of services are for members only, non-members can participate in or attend some of our programs as guests, or they will be asked to pay a higher non-member fee.

Whether you are a new member, a 30+ year member or checking us out for the first time, this “Gearing Up to Get More Involved in AGC Georgia” infographic will help you quickly learn about much of what we offer. Active members can also use this as a checklist to make sure you aren’t missing opportunities to get involved or benefit from what is available.  

Keep in mind, the best way to maximize your AGC Georgia member experience and get a strong return on your dues investment is finding multiple ways to participate and stay involved!