AGC Retirement Savings Plan

One of the many cost and time-saving opportunities AGC Georgia members value is the AGC Retirement Savings Plan—a multiple employer 401k plan. Members are saving a minimum of several thousand dollars per year over the typical single employer 401k plan. Many member firms are saving in excess of $10,000 per year because the plan eliminates all costs related to audit and administration. For member firms with an existing 401k plan, our transition process is fast and easy. You keep all the plan provisions you want, you keep access to top-rated mutual funds and you reap the benefit of cost savings. We help business owners by taking over the arduous role of mutual fund monitoring. Our task force, comprised of member firms in the plan, meets periodically and watches over the funds. This task relieves you from a tremendous amount of fiduciary liability. Our unique administrative features also save your human resources team time. We remove 90% of the grueling, daily, HR tasks. Contact us to see how all the features you would expect in a great 401k plan are included— powerful online tools and account access, live educational sessions for employees, complete flexibility in plan design, 100% brand name investment options, and much more!

Call us to revitalize your current plan or create a new plan, and we will provide you with a great recruiting tool. Even though this plan is a multiple employer plan, your firm is provided with it's own unique plan (held inside ours) which you can use to attract a top tier project manager, superintendent or staff person. AGC Georgia in partnership with member firm, BenSource Employee Benefits, is making this service available to members.

Please contact Mike Dunham, CEO of AGC Georgia and Plan Trustee at or Linda Smith, President of BenSource Employee Benefits at to learn more about the AGC Retirement Savings Plan. Add your company’s name to the growing list of participating member firms who are saving thousands of dollars each year and providing their employees with a first-class retirement plan.