Safety Awards

Two of the safety awards programs offer member general and specialty contractor firms the opportunity to nominate field superintendents and foremen for individuals awards. The other two programs recognize the collective safety efforts of an entire contracting firm. For more information about any of the safety award programs, please connect with Rob Garcia, Safety & Workforce Specialist, at 678-298-4110 or

Amerson Supervisor Safety Award Certificate Program 

  • The longstanding Amerson Supervisor Safety Award program recognizes general contractor and specialty contractor member field supervisors for outstanding contributions to safety on their job sites. The measurement criterion is based on safety incidence rates for individual supervisors.  - LEARN MORE


Safety Leadership Award  

  • Building on the success of the supervisor safety certificate program listed above, AGC Georgia is proud to offer the Safety Leadership Award. This award will be presented annually to one field supervisor employed by an AGC Georgia general or specialty contractor firm, who manages a project site with no lost-time accidents or recordables, and demonstrates commitment to:

    1. providing a safe work environment
    2. building a safety culture
    3. uncompromising leadership
    4. caring for and respecting fellow workers



AGC of America's NASA Program  (also the nomination vehicle for AGC Georgia Company awards) 

  • The National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) program offers members of all AGC Chapters an opportunity to evaluate their safety record with other firms performing similar work from across the country. Participating contractors receive a confidential printout to compare their company’s safety statistics with similar size and type AGC contractor members. Firms with the highest rankings earn national recognition by AGC of America. AGC Georgia also uses the statistics provided through this entry form to award local members for their corporate safety accomplishments.


AGC of America's Construction Safety and Excellence Awards (CSEA)

  • The purpose of CSEA is to recognize construction companies with exceptional safety performance. CSEA closely examines each firm's commitment to safety, occupational health management and risk control. Unlike the National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) program that limits the criteria to frequency rates, the CSEA selection process is considerably more comprehensive. Judges will look for evidence of company management commitment, active employee participation, safety training, work site hazard identification and control, and safety program innovation.