AGC Georgia Safety Services

Promoting a safe and healthy work environment is of critical importance in the commercial construction industry, due to the nature of the work performed by contractors. The owners and customers, for whom commercial contractors work, both want and need assurances the companies they hire to build projects will take the necessary precautions and preventative safety measures.  The cost of unsafe practices and a tolerance for “near misses” can often take a toll on human life, as well as negatively impact worker morale and productivity, a company’s image and reputation in the marketplace, employee and customer satisfaction levels, and the dollars expended for insurance premiums and claims.

AGC’s safety services revolve around helping member firms stay proactive in their safety efforts to ensure the safest jobsites which contribute significantly to overall project success. 

Safety Best Practices

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  • OSHA's Final Rule to 'Nudge' Employers to Prevent Workplace Injuries, Illnesses - Read More
  • Work Safely with Silica - Learn more
  • In light of recent events, both in the United States and abroad, employers are feeling it necessary to inform employees about safety on jobsites and in the office regarding active shooters. Use the following as resources to inform your employees and co-workers.
  • Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) has published a hazard alert on trench safety. The alert contains vital information about what to do before entering a trench, how to detect an unsafe trench and the dangers associated with a trench. CPWR lists three important factors to consider before entering a trench:
    1. find a competent person
    2. work only in protected areas
    3. check the escape route
  • Ladder Safety App for iOS users - click here