Building Information Modeling (BIM)

AGC Georgia offers AGC of America’s Certificate of Management – Building Information Modeling program (CM-BIM). The construction industry’s first BIM certificate program that teaches the practical application of the BIM process for commercial construction firms. Earning this designation represents an important opportunity to distinguish yourself and your firm as leading professionals in this technology field.

Not just a tech certificate for BIM software and applications, the CM-BIM and corresponding Building Information Modeling Education Program combines the latest information on BIM processes and technologies, step-by-step procedures for integrating BIM into the project delivery process, real-life case studies of successful BIM implementations and the practical issues all parties need to understand when utilizing BIM on a construction project.

To earn your CM-BIM, you must complete all of the following courses offered to AGC Georgia members throughout the year. (Each course contains the latest content from the 3rd Edition of the curriculum.)
    Unit 1 | An Introduction to Building Information Modeling
    Unit 2 | BIM Technology 
    Unit 3 | BIM Project Execution Planning 
    Unit 4 | BIM Adoption, Implementation, and ROI

The highly interactive program provides 32-hours of instruction and training to get construction industry professionals at all levels ready to take advantage of the benefits of BIM. 

To find upcoming BIM course dates, please type "BIM" in the Event Title field on this page.

AGC Georgia's BIM Certified Testing Center

AGC Georgia is one of AGC of America’s 16 BIM certified testing centers.  These exams are monitored and offered throughout the year. To register for one of these dates, please email Cherri Watson, director of safety, education and workforce development. 
2019 BIM Testing Dates:
  • November 14
  • December 20

Renewal Process for CM-BIM Credential Holders

AGC is introducing the renewal process for individuals who have earned the CM-BIM credential. The renewal process is meant to ensure that individuals who hold the CM-BIM credential will continue to keep current with the latest concepts and advancements in BIM. Read more...