Emerging Contractor


For small contractors just starting out, the school of hard knocks is a tough instructor. AGC Georgia is proud to offer this resource where members from around the country share resources to help emerging contractors overcome challenges they may face when entering the industry.

The 12-part video series is designed for contractors who have been in business for 3 or less years. It addresses common industry challenges and best practices. However, anyone aiming to start their own construction business or works in the construction industry can learn from the expertise of the individuals who are featured in this series.

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Videos featured in the Emerging Contractor Information Series
  • Module 1: Company Organization - Free Preview is provided below

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Anyone affiliated with a firm that is NOT a member of AGC Georgia is encouraged to complete the form at this link to earn access to the video modules.

  • Module 2: Effective Leadership
  • Module 3: Insurance and Bonding
  • Module 4: Business Development
  • Module 5: Contracts
  • Module 6: Workplace Legal Compliance
  • Module 7: Financials and Cash Flow
  • Module 8: Bidding and Estimating
  • Module 9: Executive Management
  • Module 10: Scheduling
  • Module 11: Warehouse, Tools & Equipment
  • Module 12: Safety (4-Parts)