Helpful Tips to Complete Your Registration

1) Registration for multiple people, attending same or different events, is allowed in a single transaction.
      a. After completing first attendee's registration, press Continue Shopping to find event for next person.
2) BEFORE entering credit card info, scroll below see if the Submit Order button is active or grayed out. 
       a. If deep red, it's active. Please enter card information.
       b. If grayed out, look for error message under an item in your cart. Most errors result from NOT clicking the red Save Responses button just below each group of questions in a registration.
3) Less than 2 minutes after our system receives an order, a confirmation email is sent. If you don't receive this confirmation, check your cart to see if registrations are still there. If so, the order was not processed; try again.

Be sure no error messages are in this cart prior to entering payment info


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