General Contractor Licensing


How can I obtain a state license?

To obtain a state license as a residential-basic, residential-light commercial, general contractor-limited tier or general contractor, you must:

  • Submit a completed application for licensure and non-refundable fee, along with all the supporting documents as indicated by the application, and submit to and pass an examination required for the particular license; OR
  • Submit an application for licensure by prior approval status if you meet the requirements.

How can I receive an application?
Applications are available and may be downloaded from the Secretary of State's office. 

Will I be able to build my own house or building without a license?
Yes, property owners may construct a building or structure which is for their own use and not for use by the general public and not offered for sale or lease. If you sell or transfer the building or structure, you will not be allowed to build another for a period of two years, unless you obtain a license or hire someone who is licensed to oversee the construction.

Is my out of state license recognized in Georgia?
Currently, the General Division has established reciprocity with Louisiana and Tennessee as an available method by which to obtain licensure. You must hold a commercial license with a classification of "building construction," and you must have obtained the license by examination. The General Division is working to establish reciprocity with other states as well. Also, if you have taken and passed the NASCLA exam in any other state, you may apply by examination in Georgia and purchase your NASCLA transcript to be submitted to the Secretary of State. Once approved, you have to schedule and pass the Georgia business and law exam prior to the license being issued. Reciprocity is not available for Residential Basic or Residential-Light Commercial licenses.

Will my Georgia license by accepted in another state?
To contract legally in another state, you must meet the requirements of the other state. To determine the requirements of another state, please contact the other state board directly.

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