Safety Leadership Award

Building on the success of the supervisor safety certificate program, members of AGC Georgia's Safety Committee believe a construction firm is accident-free because of how well a field supervisor manages their jobsite. To bring even greater awareness to the vital role field supervisors play in the commercial construction industry, and honor the best of the best, AGC Georgia proudly introduces the Safety Leadership Award.

This award will be presented annually to one field supervisor (with the possibility of one or more "merit winners") employed by an AGC Georgia general contractor or specialty contractor firm, who manages one or more project sites with no loss-time accidents or recordables, and demonstrate commitment to:
  • Providing a Safe Work Environment
  • Uncompromising Leadership
  • Building a Safety Culture
  • Caring for and Respecting Fellow Workers
The Safety Leadership Award winner is recognized at the annual metro Atlanta Amerson Supervisor Safety Award Ceremony each March.

To be eligible for the Safety Leadership award, a supervisor's employer must be an AGC Georgia member in good standing. Record of a willful violation or fatality on a jobsite supervised by an applicant is grounds for disqualification from the award program. If either occurs after submission, AGC Georgia must be notified, and the nominee will be withdrawn from consideration.

The 2023 Safety Leadership Award Program was awarded in March 2024. New applications will be accepted beginning in early December 2024.

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For more information about this award program, please contact Rob McKinney, Director of Safety Services at 678.298.4110.