Diversity & Inclusion

The construction industry is suffering from the effects of a workforce shortage. There simply aren’t enough craft and trades workers, superintendents, or project managers to fill the demand in today’s marketplace. Part of the solution is for construction professionals to make a more concerted effort to share their story with young people by showing them viable career paths that offer rewarding work and great compensation. An equally important part of the solution to building a more dynamic construction industry is for firms to have a strategic approach for recruiting minorities, such as implementing a formal diversity and inclusion plan. 

AGC Georgia recognizes the lack of diversity within Georgia’s construction industry and with the engagement and leadership from members on our Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce, we are opening a dialogue on how we can create a more inclusive industry that welcomes women and men from all ethnicities, generations, races, sexual orientations and religions. It’s critical to also find new ways to bridge the transition for veterans, including those who are disabled, into the industry. The 2016-2017 AGC Georgia President, Randy Hall, shared his opinion on diversity during a speech he gave when he accepted the presidency. He said, “Diversity in people creates diversity in thought which leads to the best possible solution. After all, we are contractors and are all in the problem solving business.”


Get involved with AGC Diversity & Inclusion at the national level by participating in their Diversity & Inclusion Council.

Women and Minorities

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Georgia Black Constructors Association - Metro Atlanta (GBCA)  The GBCA provides support, education, and encouragement for Blacks interested in careers in the construction industry. 
Georgia Hispanic Construction Association (GHCA)  GHCA provides training and education, business opportunities, and government relations for Hispanic contractors in the state. 
National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC) - Southeast Chapters   NAWIC promotes the advancement of women in the construction industry. 

K-12 and Young Adults

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ACE Mentor  This high school mentor program connects students to four year programs as well as skilled trades. 
Build Your Future (BYF)  NCCER created BYF to connect personalities with a construction career. 
Construction Education Foundation of Georgia (CEFGA)    With multiple partners in the industry, CEFGA supports training programs and encourages students to consider construction careers. 
Georgia's Career Pipeline  The pipeline helps Georgia businesses see available young talent in a specific area for a type of service or technical skill. 
Mentoring a Girl in Construction (MAGIC)  MAGIC Summer Camp is a free, one-week camp designed to introduce high school girls to exciting careers in construction. 
SkillsUSA  SkillsUSA is a student based organization for technical skills. 


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Hiring Our Heroes   AGC partners with Hiring our Heroes to add 100,000 veterans to the industry over the next five years. 
RecruitMilitary  Former and transitioning military personnel are connected with quality employers through this program. 


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