National Work Zone Awareness Week
April 15-19, 2024


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Tools you can use to prepare your Toolbox Talks for the Stand Down

Suggestions for participation during week of April 15

  • Work Zone Safety Training Day - April 15
  • National Kickoff Event - April 16
  • Go Orange Day - April 17
  • Social media storm - April 18
  • Moment of Silence - April 19

What is a Stand Down?
Companies who know the value of safety training use a Safety Stand Down to stop all work and provide a focused safety meeting on one particular topic. These types of meetings provide effective communication of safety policies, goals and expectations through all levels of a team. 

OSHA believes there is tremendous value in committing 30 minutes to one hour of your day's work to talk about safety, leading to increased employee safety morale. Stopping work to talk about safety brings it to the forefront of everyone's mind! 

How to Conduct a Safety Stand Down and FAQ's 
Companies can conduct a Safety Stand Down by taking a break to have a toolbox talk or another safety activity such as conducting safety equipment inspections, developing rescue plans, or discussing job specific hazards.  Managers are encouraged to plan a stand down that works best for their workplace.

Who can participate?
Participants may include employer's trade associations, federal, state and local governmental agencies, professional societies, institutes, and consumer/labor-management interest organizations, sub-and independent contractors.

Share your story with us
If you want to share information on your Safety Stand Down or suggestions on how we can improve future initiatives like this, please send your email to  Don't forget photos from your worksites!

OSHA Struck-By Alliance Overview
OSHA, Georgia Department of Transportation, Georgia Federal Highway Administration, Georgia Highway Contractors Association, Georgia Utility Contractors Association (GUCA), Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, Georgia Tech Research Institute, 3M, Associated General Contractors of Georgia, Inc. (AGC Georgia), Lamar Outdoor Advertising, Georgia Power, Construction Education Foundation of Georgia (CEFGA), Pike Electric, National Safety Council - Georgia Chapter, Ansco & Associates, and the Governor's Office of Highway Safety formed an Alliance to share their collective expertise and to foster a culture of injury and illness prevention focused on the prevention of work zone and struck-by hazards.