Build Georgia Award Categories

The below definitions will help you determine the appropriate categories your project is eligible to compete in for the Build Georgia Awards Program.

Delivery Methods
  1. Design-Bid-Build
    The traditional competitive “hard bid” process where an owner contracts with a design firm to provide a full set of plans and specifications for a project. Contractors then submit a bid price and the owner awards the project typically based on lowest price. 
  2. Design/Build
    The design team and contractor form into a single entity that is obligated to the owner for their combined services. Design services are provided by in-house designers employed by the construction company or an outside design firm. 
  3. Construction Management at Risk
    The contractor is contractually obligated to provide leadership in the construction process through a series of services provided to the owner, including design review, scheduling, cost control, value engineering, construction coordination, etc. After providing these pre-construction services, the contractor takes on the financial obligation to carry out construction under a specified cost agreement. 
Construction Markets
  1. Building
    Types of projects include office buildings, hospitals, schools, libraries, museums and multi-family housing.
  2. Federal & Heavy
  3. Typically projects are completed for the Corps of Engineers, NAVFAC, The Air Force, GSA; any type of marine construction or dredging projects for ports and inland waterways; flood control and prevention projects for the Natural Resource Conservation Service, Bureau of Reclamation and any industrial plant construction.
  4. Highway & Transportation
    Types of projects include highways, bridges, lane expansions, interchange improvements, new interchanges or alignments, overpasses, pedestrian bridges, road tunnels, transit and railroad projects.
  5. Municipal-Utility
    Projects are related to water and wastewater, underground utility, site preparation and other types of public works construction such as public facilities, gas, water, sewer or electrical. Construction or rehabilitation is typically underground, but is not all-inclusive and may be open, cut or trenchless.  This does not include buildings constructed for municipalities.
Contact Alyson Abercrombie, Director of Communications and Marketing who serves as the award program liaison, at 678-298-4106 with questions in completing your Build Georgia Awards Program submittal.