What Members and Others Say About Us

What members and others say about AGC Georgia is the best way to understand and fully appreciate the value our association has to offer. Companies, individuals and the commercial construction industry as a whole benefit in so many different ways from the work we do on their behalf.  

AGC Georgia’s strong, well-respected presence and voice at the state level allows us to work closely with elected and appointed officials on what is in the best interest of our membership. On a national scale, all Chapter members benefit from their affiliation with AGC of America by receiving broader access to services, resources and activities. Our many outreach efforts into communities throughout Georgia introduce young people to our industry as a possible career choice and provide both financial and volunteer support for worthy charitable initiatives.  

“My active involvement in AGC at both the state and national level has made me a better business person and helped our company win projects we might not have been awarded otherwise. The education classes are wonderful; the ability to knock on the door of state government when you have a problem is beyond anything I have ever experienced; and the relationships are most rewarding on every level. I urge all AGC members to get involved so they can receive these same personal and company benefits.”
Chris Sheridan, P.E., Chairman of the Board
Sheridan Construction, Macon

“For me and other contractors in this part of the state, AGC is a great source of information and contacts that makes our job easier. Their recent help on a federal project pointed us to the right people and cut through a lot of red tape, which in the end saved us time and money. Without AGC Georgia’s assistance, I think we’d be in the dark about a lot of issues that sooner or later would impact our bottom line.”
Lyndy Jones, President
JCI Contractors, Moultrie

“AGC Georgia is a trusted partner in helping us continually develop the State Construction Manual. I appreciate the countless hours spent by your members and staff working to help improve our state procurement process. Your association’s understanding of Georgia's construction industry has made your members and staff an invaluable and knowledgeable resource to GSFIC.”
Marvin Woodward, Deputy State Property Officer
Construction Division, Georgia State Finance and Investment Commission

“As a result of our participation in the AGC Georgia's workers’ compensation program, CompTrust AGC MCIC, and having their safety reps watch over our safety program, our safety modifier has gone down significantly since becoming a policy holder. This benefits us in so many ways, most of all a safer workplace for our employees so they can go home injury-free.”
Brian Daniel, President/CEO
Carroll Daniel Construction Company, Gainesville

“The opportunity for our firm to participate in career fairs held across the state; meeting with students interested in a construction career; and interacting with technical college and high school construction program faculty and administrators to help shape curriculum has been very beneficial for our firm and the industry. We are grateful to AGC Georgia for leading the way in forming workforce alliances around the state to give us a voice and presence in the marketplace where we can recruit talented young people to pursue an electrical career.”
Tony Varamo, Workforce Development Manager
MetroPower, Norcross

“We make it a point to attend activities and programs offered by AGC Georgia because it places our employees and company in front of current and prospective customers. Having an opportunity to learn alongside our clients in an AGC class, get better acquainted in social settings, and learn more about our clients’ needs—these are some of the many reasons we consider AGC Georgia our industry partner.”
Eric Kornegay, Partner
Brown, Nelms CPAs, Peachtree City