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Thriving Through Change - Webinar

IN THIS FREE WEBINAR you will learn how you can turn unpredictable change into a secret weapon - your competitive edge!  The free webinar is sponsored by AGC GEORGIA.

You'll Learn:
  • The three critical people-oriented components you must have to survive in today's chaotic business world
  • A straightforward, five-step process to achieve a flexible, adaptive, learning organization that's poised to thrive in any environment.
As business leaders, we want more success, less stress, and greater satisfaction
  • We know that gimmicks and quick fixes don't work
  • We realize that we must solve problems at the root-cause, not symptom level
  • This webinar will give you unique insights and tools to prepare your organization, your leaders and your people for today's constant and inevitable change
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8/28/2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM