Member Savings & Discounts

As a member of both AGC Georgia and AGC of America, you and your firm can take advantage of an extensive array of discounted services and products. Impressive cost savings with nationally recognized companies bring additional value to members. We often hear members say the total dollar amount saved from these discounts offsets their annual membership dues.

Some of the more popular offers provide savings on everyday business needs such as office supplies, fleet vehicles, cell and data plans, and shipping services. In some instances, you'll find if the company enrolls in a particular savings program, employees of the firm are eligible for discounts as well.

Please learn more about taking advantage of the below savings offers by reviewing our brochure for Member Savings OpportunitiesInstructions on how to contact each vendor are provided in the brochure. You are also welcome to contact AGC Georgia staff at 678.298.4100 with questions.

 “Membership in AGC Georgia continues to save my firm real dollars! Already a Verizon customer when we joined the association, we linked our account to the 22% savings offered to members. This savings alone pays for our AGC dues each year. This is just one of several savings opportunities we benefit from.”  
Irene Gleason, President
Wireglass Electric, Inc., Thomasville