AGC Georgia Staff

Overseeing day-to-day AGC Georgia activities and delivery of services and programs to the membership is a full-time professional staff of knowledgeable individuals. Prospective new members are encouraged to contact Machell Harper, Bill Chambless, or L.B. Kinnett. They can answer questions about membership eligibility and walk you through the application process. 

Feel free to reach AGC Georgia staff at our main number 678.298.4100 or toll free at 800.203.4629. You can also contact us on our respective direct lines or by email as shown below.


Michael T. Dunham
Chief Executive Officer
678.298.4121 fax

Machell Harper

Director, Member Services
678.298.4109 fax

Contact for:
Member Relations; Chapter Services;
Programs & Events; Joining the Chapter;
Dues Renewal; Members First Programs;
Young Leadership Program; Workers'
Compensation Insurance Information; Executive Alliance; Sponsorship

Cherri Watson

Director, Education, Safety and Workplace
678.298.4105 fax

Contact for:
Workforce Development Initiatives; 
Safety Services; Safety & Professional
Development Courses; Construction
Professionals Conference & Marketplace; 
AGC Collegiate Student Chapters; 
Member Requests for Customized 
Course Offering; Construction
Education Foundation of Georgia (CEFGA)

Alyson B. Abercrombie, CAE
Director, Communications & Marketing
678.298.4107 fax

Contact for:
Website; E-Newsletter;
Build Georgia Awards Program;
Promotional and Media Inquiries;
Semi-annual Magazines; 
Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations; 
Member Communications

Erin Dupree

Communications Coordinator
678.298.4129 fax

Contact for:
Website, Association Publications, 
Member Communications

L.B. Kinnett
Administrative-Services Assistant
678.298.4103 fax

Contact for:
Member Services

Mark S. Woodall
Director, Governmental Affairs
678.298.4117 fax

Contact for:
Legislative and Regulatory
Advocacy; Industry Relations; AGC
Georgia PAC Fund and 236 Club

Bill Chambless, CBO
Member Development Specialist
678.298.4141 fax

Contact for:
Members First Programs in
Central, South, Southeast,
and Southwest Georgia; Joining
AGC Georgia; Building Codes
and Permitting; Workers' Compensation
Insurance Information;
Workforce Development Initiatives

Andrea Feldman, CPA, CFE

678.298.4115 fax

Cindy Parham

Administrative-Services Assistant
678.298.4113 fax

Contact for:
Member Services