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Basic Blueprint Reading

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About the Course
This course offers not only the basics of blueprint reading, but also the fundamental of construction methods that make blueprint reading meaningful.  It is designed for office personnel, foremen, superintendents, and anyone who desires basic knowledge of construction drawings.

Participants will learn
  • Intro to the construction "food chain"
  • Sectors of the Industry
  • People / Materials / Equipment
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Construction Math
  • Estimating / Red Line Drawings
  • Hacks: all along the way
Blueprint Reading:
  • Basic blueprint review: dive further into each discipline
  1. Floor plans
  2. Views: elevation / sectional
  3. Details / schedules
  • Discipline Review
  1. Civil
  2. Structural
  3. Architectural
  4. MEP
  • Tying them all together
Scale & Measurement:
Using a simple plan as per selected content from the textbook, "Print Reading for Construction" 8th Edition. The class will utilize multiple tools: ruler, architectural squares, and digital Scale master tools to discuss, explain and exercise the mastery of scaling blueprints for all disciplines. We will discuss the different types of scales and why they are used in different ways.

Construction Math:
This is not your normal boring math class!  We will brush up on basics and learn hacks for discovering the quickest ways to determine materials, man hours and waste. Construction math will also cover man hours / labor rate you can use in your day-to-day goals.
  • Measurement Review: how to read a tape measure
  • Increments and Fractions: key increments used in measuring / identifying most common fractions to memorize day-to-day math in construction
  • Calculating geometry: consider global thinking by putting you in the object
Estimating / Red Line Drawings:
You will be introduced to the fundamentals of construction estimation. Walk through the list of variables that drive construction estimates: size, scope, location, labor rates, and more. We will review the most common mistakes in the precon / project management sectors so that you can succeed.

  • Estimating:
  1. Qty Take-off / labor rates
  2. General conditions
  3. Overhead & profit
  4. Notes and clarifications
  • How to avoid / What to look out for...
  1. items
  2. trades
  3. hidden factors
  4. items most commonly missed
  • Bid vs Scope of work
  1. Subcontractor Actual Agreement
  2. Who does what and why?
  • What is Red Line Drawings?
  1. What to show
  2. What the owner / superintendent / project manager need to see
  • Project deliver method / Site expectations

**Registrants need to bring a yellow highlighter and an architectural scale to class.**

AGC Georgia reserves the right to cancel programs up to 7 days prior to the start date if a minimum number of attendees is not met.

3/13/2024 8:00 AM - 3/15/2024 4:00 PM
AGC Georgia Training Center 1940 The Exchange Atlanta 30339
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