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Advanced Safety Management Training Course

Registration Fee: $1,195

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This unique course provides an upper-level training experience in the management of a corporate construction safety program. It is tailored to construction safety professionals and company managers who already have a solid background in construction safety and are knowledgeable in OSHA Construction Standards. A major goal is to teach participants to manage the safety program in areas including:

Managing the Written Safety Program
This section is designed to provide tools to manage the overall safety operations including the development of company and task-specific safety programs, the requirements for programs, and the pitfalls of generically written programs.

Supervisory Safety Training

This section is designed to provide tools to create supervisory training for managers who would then provide better training to employees. 
Legal Aspects of Safety in Construction
 This session is designed to teach participants about contract issues related to safety and how various clauses can affect the ability of a safety manager to coordinate safety on a multi-employer project and work with regulatory agencies

Safety Relationships on Multi-Employer Projects
This section is designed to provide ways to establish good safety relationships between the owners, A/E’s, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Responsibilities for safety throughout a project and potential liabilities of the parties will be discussed.

Risk Management & Insurance
This section is designed to teach methods to handle the overall risks associated in construction by showing the actual costs of accidents, methods to evaluate insurance policies and ways to handle claims after an accident occurs.

Record Keeping Requirements
This session is designed to provide knowledge in the requirements of record keeping and the importance of maintaining records. This session will also set the stage for dealing with other topics where history, records, etc. will be valuable.

Crisis Management
The goal of this section is designed to teach participants how to handle a crisis situation on-site and at the office after a major accident. The session will deal with the basic issues of a Crisis Management Plan. 

6/7/2021 - 6/9/2021
The Builders Training Center 105 West 12th Ave North Kansas City 64116