Construction Education Foundation of Georgia

The Construction Education Foundation of Georgia, known as CEFGA, is an important part of AGC Georgia’s ongoing workforce development efforts.  AGC Georgia joined CEFGA as a founding general partner in 1998, and many of the Chapter’s members are actively involved in supporting CEFGA’s activities to promote careers in construction and assure quality construction training in Georgia schools. AGC Georgia is represented on CEFGA’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board thanks to member firms and their company leaders who serve in this role. Chapter staff is always present at these meetings for additional oversight and direction.

More than 80% of CEFGA's annual revenue comes through the generous support of partner companies and organizations which includes AGC Georgia as well as member firms.  In addition, CEFGA partners with the Technical College System of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Education to ensure industry-developed construction curriculum and standards are implemented in high school and vocational construction-related programs. 

CEFGA and AGC Georgia have been involved in several joint efforts including the workforce alliances set up around the state and the annual CareerExpo and SkillsUSA State Championship event held in March. Since 2008, the event attracts thousands of young students, exhibitors, industry leaders, and school instructors and officials. Many of our Chapter members are involved in training and judging the various competitions leading up to and during this major event. Other members buy a booth to showcase and promote their company to future employees, or help underwrite a particular equipment demonstration.

 CEFGA also provides tangible assistance and valuable resources for teachers and students who are seeking opportunities and training needed to participate in the construction industry. Working together with CEFGA, AGC Georgia helps to sponsor student interns, host speaking engagements with student groups, distribute construction materials and supplies to school programs, and encourage the formation of new construction programs at schools. All efforts are accomplished with great support from our membership.

There are numerous ways you and other AGC Georgia members can get involved in supporting CEFGA and NCCER-accredited construction training programs throughout the state.


Volunteer for Career Expo and SkillsUSA State Championships
Serve on an Evaluation Team
Host a High School Intern
Hire a CEFGA Graduate
Mentor a Girl in Construction (MAGIC)
Become an ACE Mentor
Host a Job Site Tour
Join the CEFGA Speakers’ Bureau


Click on the image to view video from 2015 CEFGA Career Expo and SkillsUSA Championship.

Please visit to learn more and access a wealth of resources on industry-sponsored training and apprenticeship programs, student scholarship opportunities, program accreditation, CEFGA’s job placement service to fill open positions, and much more!