The AGC Alternative

Private Insurance Exchange; New and Improved

The AGC Alternative is a private insurance exchange that operates like an online store (think, making it easy for your employees to shop for health insurance and other benefits all on their own or through the help of our dedicated employee hotline. It is interactive, easily reproduced and available exclusively to AGC member companies interested in having its own insurance exchange – not only to offer a broad range of health and other insurance benefits to its employees but also to administer the benefits they select.

AGC Georgia is proud to now have personalized service from local representatives available to meet members in their office to answer questions and educate employees on the benefits of the Alternative. Perhaps when it was first released, your firm looked at the Alternative and maybe even submitted information for a quote. However, in the past two years, a lot of effort and resources have gone into personalizing this benefit for AGC Georgia members including the addition of select carriers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana. Learn how this program can modernize your firm’s insurance benefits.

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Save Money

Not only do competitive employee benefits programs help you reduce costly employee turnover, but AGC member firms can save even more through premium discounts on health* insurance, dental, vision, life, disability, and legal service coverage exclusively through The AGC Alternative.

*Discounts for health insurance vary by number of employees participating in your organization’s plan. Contact an AGC Alternative representative for more details.

Control Costs

The AGC Alternative moves companies from traditional health plans, in which the employer pays a percentage of each employee’s premium, to a defined contribution model, in which the employer pays a defined dollar amount per employee, which employees can then use to individually purchase health insurance and other benefits directly from selected carriers through the private exchange.

This enables employers to not only provide greater plan choices and benefit options for employees, but to budget a set dollar amount each year for employee benefits, eliminating the cost variables associated with employee plan selections.

In addition, The AGC Alternative includes an embedded wellness program, which helps employees stay healthy. Wellness programs have proven to be effective for managing long term premium increases by promoting and rewarding healthy choices. The program helps employees set goals and find ways to stay healthy and prevent more serious issues through healthy lifestyle coaching, for example. This can lead to improved productivity and employee retention, better employee health and morale, and can lower health-related costs for your company.

Read more about the benefits of participating in the AGC Alternative.

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